Hun hænger udad bilens vindue, AK-47

A single featuring tracks made in 2021.

there's no time here - Dragongirl x Daniel Jakob

An interpretation of intimacy made in collaboration with Dragongirl for the Juhu Records release 'mixtape_2 intimacy edition'.


A compilation of tracks made between 2016 and 2018 under the alias Denial. Most of the tracks were inspired by both club and trap music.


vinylmodifikation continues the exploration of ruined vinyl records as a sound source and moves into a more rhythmical space through the use of live sequencing and filtering. Recorded using a cheap Lenco turntable and a Korg Electribe 2 MPS.


Made using two turntables, vinyl records from thrift stores, a mixer and a scalpel. vinylproces was originally intended as a collection of samples, but quickly turned into a long session of mixing intentionally ruined vinyl records into new pieces of music. The album consists of sections that were edited down to a palatable length, mixed and mastered. No other audio was added.

"With it’s hypnotic, ghostly and morbid samplings of devastated and abused old records, “Vinylproces” is a peculiar journey into cracks and pops that will remind you of early musique concrete experiments and make you feel like you’re stuck floating in an endless black hole loop between the year 1955 and 2018 on a hit of acid that apparently only contained 1ug."" - Husfar

Cybernormer - Manosfæren 4: Den Røde Pille

An episode of the Danish podcast 'Cybernormer' that dives into the incredibly varying meaning of the 'Red Pill' concept from The Matrix (1999) and all of its colourful derivatives.

corpvid - night
corpvid - music for truck drivers
ra$mu$ - freaki$h (DENI∆L Remix)
109Tusch Mediafire (2011)