links to different games, podcasts, software, samples that I like. All are free or at least cheap.
Name Category Description
Music 2000 Sample Library Audio Music 2000 sample library 44k wav rip, free to use
Lo-fi Let's Play Video Leigh Alexander let's play video series
The Blood Zone Podcast Liz Ryerzon podcast
Woodland Secrets Podcast merritt k podcast
Frog Fractions Games Frog fractions
Push Push Penguin Games Cute penguin arcade game
s l o w r o a d s Games Zen driving simulator
Fonts B612 is a highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.
Overpass Fonts Font inspired by Highway Gothic
Ferrite Core Fonts Wipeout-inspired font by Froyo Tam
Breakbeat Paradise Audio drums, sfx, breaks, etc. I cannot guarantee sample clearance.
90's Old School Sample CDs Collection Audio Sample CDs Collection, cannot guarantee sample clearance.
Godot Engine Software Game engine, free and open-source
Blender Software 3D modeling software, free and open-source
Laigter Software Normal map generator for 2D textures, pwyw
MakeHuman Software Easy 3D humanoid model generation, free and open-source
Reaper Software Very cheap and powerful digital audio workstation with infinite evaluation period
LibGen Libraries Free books
Sci-hub Libraries Free and unrestricted access to scientific knowledge
The Internet Archive Libraries Everything
Discmaster Libraries Browse and search vintage computer files from
My Abandonware Libraries Old abandonware games
INFU's music creation 2000. Sites Music 2000 Info Page
killed by google Sites Google graveyard
The Lake Radio Other Good radio stream
Radio Garden Other More radio
The PriceMaster (2001) Video Make him an offer